Welcome Yi Fu Huan to our Family! Yeah!!

November 30, 2006 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hi everyone! It has been a totally incredible day. We found out this morning that we were most definitely “in” the latest batch of referrals… but SO needed to see the paperwork to believe it was real. So we spent most of the day being rather unproductive at work, waiting for some confirmation from our agency that yes, we were really going to get to see our ‘kid’ soon. By mid-afternoon our social worker called to confirm that they had received our referral… and that we had a beautiful daughter! She told me we had to wait until 5.30 to pick up the paperwork… so naturally we hopped in our cars and drove to the agency right away, only to be an hour and a half early. We managed to blow an hour driving around Wellesley and Natick (I do not recommend this as entertainment), and at 5.15 told them we just could not wait any longer!

So here is our daughter – Yi Fu Huan. The pics are on the other pages, but here’s the rest of the info that we have so far. She will be 2 years old on December 8th (wow!). She is from the Hubei provence, and has been living in foster care since August 2005. She knows a bunch of words (which of course we won’t understand), walks steadily and climbs stairs (uh oh), scribbles, and sleeps deeply (yeah! hope it keeps up).

Hopefully we will travel by late Jan – early Feb to spend 2 weeks in China getting to know each other (along with finishing all that pesky paperwork). We’ll keep you updated!




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  1. That is fabulous ! We couldn’t be happier for you guys. Yi Fu Huan is beautiful. Our whole clan (Dylan, Ben & Lily) can’t wait to meet her.


    Todd & Jeni

  2. Congratulations, she is gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations on your new little family. Quite happy to see that you little girl will be 18 months old than our little one, so we can see in to the not to distant future on what life will be like. Congratulations again and safe travels abroad.

  4. OMG I am so amped for you guys!! MUAH MUAH MUAH! she is a cutie pie!

    I am driving to modell’s to go shopping for softball gear…

    Cap’n Dom

  5. I wandered in from the wordpress main page …

    I had to stop in and say CONGRATULATIONS

    My niece, Lady Rose’s daughter, was adopted from China and I still remember the day she and her hubby came here with THEIR referral packet.

    MANY MANY MANY blessings
    to each and every one of you

    Mama Kelly

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