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Posting #2. To actually bring some of you back to our blog at some point in the future, marketing studies would say that we should provide substantive content early in the life span of the blog. Later (after 2 weeks when we can’t think of anything to write) we can pull the bait and switch and begin feeding you mindless drivel. Similar to ER after George Clooney.

So we begin with a topic everyone can relate to–names. As you may know, we have shied away from telling anyone what names we are considering. Actually, we generally shut down any conversation about names rather quickly. That’s probably not terribly unusual for prospective parents.

Let me just tell you now, that at the end of this posting, you still won’t know what names we are considering. I could summarize our particular reasons like this. You don’t change your socks when your team is in the World Series and you don’t talk about what to name your kid when you don’t really have a kid. Know what I mean? Maybe not.

Adoption is a process that varies by country. In some countries it is run by a government agency, in others is run by private agencies or by an orphanage. In China, it is a government agency. So what if the Chinese Center for Adoption decides tomorrow that anyone who voted for Mitt Romney in Massachusetts in 2004 is ineligible to adopt a Chinese baby. Poof. Game over. Hit reset to play again in a different country. Start the clock over again and stand in line for 2 more years. (I didn’t vote for Mitt, by the way, but who still remembers whom he ran against in ’04?)

Then there are all the silly conversations about names. Picture the below conversation. For effect, internal thoughts are in parentheses.

Friend: “What are you going to name your baby?”
Dave: “Well, I’m a huge Frank Zappa fan. I love the names he picked out! We’re thinking of using them.”
Friend thinks:
A. (Frank Zappa? Who the hell is Frank Zappa?) Or
B. (Didn’t Frank Zappa name his kids Dweezle and Moon Unit?) Or possibly
C. (I hated Zappa. That guy mistook mental illness for talent!)
Friend says: “Wow. That’s great.”
Dave: “Yeah! We were talking about Mukis or Fuzzie Star. Maybe even just name the baby after the great one himself, Zappa!”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend says: “That’s awesome!”
Friend thinks: (I can’t believe I talk to this idiot.)

Better yet. Here’s one.

Friend: “What are you going to name your baby?”
Dave: “Well we were going to stay away from boring, common names like John, Paul, Jane or Mary.”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend: “My father’s name William and Mary is a name that’s been in my family for generations.”
Uncomfortable silence.
Dave: “Yeah, well, those are all great names, but we were thinking of cool names. I’ve been searching through this cool website called ‘The Big List of Stripper Names.’ Luxxie or Peaches are both high on our list!”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend thinks: (I can’t believe I talk to this idiot.)

So you can see why we avoid this topic. Anyhoo, chew on that for a while.



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  1. Wait a minute…. I thought this blog was all about revelations and information sharing! Can we get a refund?

  2. (I can’t believe I talk to this idiot)
    That’s awesome!! Thanks for sharing this info with us..

    hee hee

    Luv YA

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