Welcome Yi Fu Huan to our Family! Yeah!!

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Hi everyone! It has been a totally incredible day. We found out this morning that we were most definitely “in” the latest batch of referrals… but SO needed to see the paperwork to believe it was real. So we spent most of the day being rather unproductive at work, waiting for some confirmation from our agency that yes, we were really going to get to see our ‘kid’ soon. By mid-afternoon our social worker called to confirm that they had received our referral… and that we had a beautiful daughter! She told me we had to wait until 5.30 to pick up the paperwork… so naturally we hopped in our cars and drove to the agency right away, only to be an hour and a half early. We managed to blow an hour driving around Wellesley and Natick (I do not recommend this as entertainment), and at 5.15 told them we just could not wait any longer!

So here is our daughter – Yi Fu Huan. The pics are on the other pages, but here’s the rest of the info that we have so far. She will be 2 years old on December 8th (wow!). She is from the Hubei provence, and has been living in foster care since August 2005. She knows a bunch of words (which of course we won’t understand), walks steadily and climbs stairs (uh oh), scribbles, and sleeps deeply (yeah! hope it keeps up).

Hopefully we will travel by late Jan – early Feb to spend 2 weeks in China getting to know each other (along with finishing all that pesky paperwork). We’ll keep you updated!



FedEx has landed.

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Servicios de traduccion

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para traducir este website a español:

1. copie nuestra dirección del blog — https://reggaegotsoul.wordpress.com/

2. vaya al babelfish — http://babelfish.altavista.com/

3. ponga nuestra dirección
del blog en la ventana que comienza con http://

4. traducción selecta de inglés al español

5. presione el botón que dice que “translate”




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Ok.  We’re not saying anything yet, but there’s some seriously nervous energy in the household right now.  If you’re a good sleuth, there is actually enough info in our blog and in the links on the right hand side for you to figure out why. 

We’ll keep you posted when we’ve got something solid.

The Journey Continues…

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Another day in the journey gone by. We have declared Jamaican rums to be the drink of December. Captain Morgan’s, Myers, Barcardi Dark, etc. Though Bacardi is actually Cuban in origin and now bottled in Puerto Rico. Maybe we’ll expand the month to Carribean Island rums. Have to think about that. Rum and ginger ale tonight. We need to write to the bottler of Captain Morgan’s about the evaporation rate though.
Captain Morgan
In some cultures Santa Claus looks suspiciously like this.


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Posting #2. To actually bring some of you back to our blog at some point in the future, marketing studies would say that we should provide substantive content early in the life span of the blog. Later (after 2 weeks when we can’t think of anything to write) we can pull the bait and switch and begin feeding you mindless drivel. Similar to ER after George Clooney.

So we begin with a topic everyone can relate to–names. As you may know, we have shied away from telling anyone what names we are considering. Actually, we generally shut down any conversation about names rather quickly. That’s probably not terribly unusual for prospective parents.

Let me just tell you now, that at the end of this posting, you still won’t know what names we are considering. I could summarize our particular reasons like this. You don’t change your socks when your team is in the World Series and you don’t talk about what to name your kid when you don’t really have a kid. Know what I mean? Maybe not.

Adoption is a process that varies by country. In some countries it is run by a government agency, in others is run by private agencies or by an orphanage. In China, it is a government agency. So what if the Chinese Center for Adoption decides tomorrow that anyone who voted for Mitt Romney in Massachusetts in 2004 is ineligible to adopt a Chinese baby. Poof. Game over. Hit reset to play again in a different country. Start the clock over again and stand in line for 2 more years. (I didn’t vote for Mitt, by the way, but who still remembers whom he ran against in ’04?)

Then there are all the silly conversations about names. Picture the below conversation. For effect, internal thoughts are in parentheses.

Friend: “What are you going to name your baby?”
Dave: “Well, I’m a huge Frank Zappa fan. I love the names he picked out! We’re thinking of using them.”
Friend thinks:
A. (Frank Zappa? Who the hell is Frank Zappa?) Or
B. (Didn’t Frank Zappa name his kids Dweezle and Moon Unit?) Or possibly
C. (I hated Zappa. That guy mistook mental illness for talent!)
Friend says: “Wow. That’s great.”
Dave: “Yeah! We were talking about Mukis or Fuzzie Star. Maybe even just name the baby after the great one himself, Zappa!”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend says: “That’s awesome!”
Friend thinks: (I can’t believe I talk to this idiot.)

Better yet. Here’s one.

Friend: “What are you going to name your baby?”
Dave: “Well we were going to stay away from boring, common names like John, Paul, Jane or Mary.”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend: “My father’s name William and Mary is a name that’s been in my family for generations.”
Uncomfortable silence.
Dave: “Yeah, well, those are all great names, but we were thinking of cool names. I’ve been searching through this cool website called ‘The Big List of Stripper Names.’ Luxxie or Peaches are both high on our list!”
Uncomfortable silence.
Friend thinks: (I can’t believe I talk to this idiot.)

So you can see why we avoid this topic. Anyhoo, chew on that for a while.

Reggae Got Soul –huh?

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What’s with the title? It was the song we were listening to when we started the blog. The randomness seemed somehow appropriate. I’m not much of a reggae fan and only have passing interest in ska. Rebecca’s a Bob Marley fan, but that’s about as deep as the fandom goes in the household.

We decided to set up a blog for 3 reasons:

1. First and foremost to communicate to friends and family about our “journey” through the adoption process. Particularly as we enter the later stages which include referral and travel to China. I put journey in quotes because I always envisioned going someplace during a journey. In this case, journey is defined as staying at home and getting bombed regularly while time passes. You gotta do something while you wait, but that doesn’t seem very journey-like.

2. This is supposed to help answer the questions that friends and family might have that they might not otherwise ask. The adoption process has taught us that we are extremely private people and generally radiate “don’t ask, don’t tell” type privacy vibes. So rather than try and communicate to everyone personally, we figured we’d try posting everything we want to reveal on a blog open to anyone who is willing to search for and read it. Ironic and, in its own way, funny in a strange way.

3. Our social worker and a lot of people who have gone through the adoption process all recommend keeping a journal of the process. Something about keeping a record for the future and being therapeutic. Whatever.

So here’s what you can expect from our blog in the next few months. Random musings, aimless babbling, postings of an incoherent nature and….photos and updates from our anticipated trip to China.

Anyway, thanks to Fredrick “Toots” Hibbert for the inspiration. Toots and the Maytals, “Reggae Got Soul” from the Album “True Love.”

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